28 May 2014

Erina’s EV Church lights up with MA and PIXPAR

Erina’s EV Church on the NSW Central Coast has recently completed building a new auditorium, with Lots of Watts Central Coast supplying their lighting requirements. Key to the new rig are ten LED PIXPARs, consisting of 18 TRI-COLOUR 3-in-1 3Watt LEDs. The LED PIXPARs were chosen as they have a narrow beam, which is important due to the projection screens being very close to the edge of stage.

Adrian Tyndal, the Church’s in-house technician, had used these fixtures before on a hire basis and had been impressed by the PIXPAR’s colours as well as their spread and pattern. “We never had any issues with them and they always worked flawlessly,” he reported. “We found them to be a really good product at a reasonable price.”

A MA Lighting MA on PC command wing was chosen for control as it’s a cost effective way of getting an industry-standard console with the capacity to expand. “We’ve used MA Lighting products before and several of the guys on our team are used to using them,” said Adrian. “The MA on PC command wing gives us the ability to do more in less space and we’re able to take it to different venues as it is so portable. We’re still running the MA on PC command wing in quite a basic mode but plan in the next few months to expand its abilities quite significantly especially as we hire in moving lights.”

Global Truss F33 truss was installed and, although the front truss is relatively short, the rigging points are lined up so a truss grid can be made off-stage or on-stage, which was important as the ceiling is completely soundproofed and can’t be accessed after the initial installation.


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