22 Mar 2013

Gig Rash. And other health issues….

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22 March 2013

On CXtra March, our talkshow (segment here), Sophie fielded a question on no-notice about How To Deal With Gig Rash. Intended to simply destabilize her, she soldiered on valiantly as Fancesco Calvi delivered far too much info. But he correctly identified this malady, which affects anyone who does hard physical work and especially in hot climates.

Calvi recommended Prantal powder. Someone who may be named Julius swears by Vasoline.



Now Russell Bennett, Queesland GM for Microhire, suggests Whitfield’s Ointment. ‘It clears the majority of the rash and certainly the pain overnight’, he advises.

Who says CX doesn’t tackle the tackle/hard issues?

On another topic, Julius (the writer) has found a new form of exercise known more widely amongst females and the more senior of the community. It is Pilates, delivered by a physiotherapist. A one hour class of three people and one physio delivers an amazing transformation, such that after just four visits, I was able to do as much hard physical labor as I wanted without pain.


Two months on (10 visits) and I was loading and unloading trucks and did two ten hour gig days, again with no pain. Then I did the Roadshow tour with 14 hour days and some truck loads, and realized I was keeping up with the loaders. My overall feeling is I’ve wound the clock back 20 years. The cost should be about $40 for a one hour class of three people to one physio.

So this is a hearty recommendation for this gentle but accurate form of exercise (they have Reformer machines) which is a distant cousin of Yoga, and which should only be done where they have a qualified physio doing the instruction. Thanks to PJ and Sylvia at Lively Turramurra (NSW) for what they do, and please consider this if you’re feeling inflexible or are starting to develop age pain!


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