21 Dec 2023

Give Help for Kerry ‘Furr’ Cunningham

Kerry Cunningham is one of the true legends of the Australian road crew world, with a mythical take-no-prisoners attitude when it came to a sense of fair play with his fellow road crew or the bands he worked for.

The last couple of years have been incredibly tough on Kerry and have taken their toll.

A long battle with prostate cancer saw him endure two years of intense hormone therapy, during which time it was discovered a tumour had also grown in his kidney. The kidney was partially removed, however in time was required to be wholly removed.

After his kidney operation, Kerry was given the ‘all clear’. The prostate cancer was in remission. He and his family were overjoyed!!

Sadly, this respite was short. Within 6 months he had deteriorated rapidly… the cancer has now spread to his bones, his pelvis full of holes. Soon it will no longer take his weight.

Kerry’s immediate family are in the process of finding a wheelchair suitable house for him to be cared for by his wife Glenda, their son and his partner.

In the near future he will need mobility aids, both extensive and expensive. It is now about his comfort, pain management and his state of mind.

Those that know Kerry will tell you he is the last person to ask for help, always choosing to put others first. Now it is HIS turn. Please give generously in the knowledge you are assisting a genuine human being who has helped so many others.



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