26 Sep 2018

How to get Super for gigs you invoiced

By Julius Grafton.

We’ve been reporting for quite a while that almost anyone invoicing a gig using an Australian Business Number (ABN) is entitled to 9.5% superannuation on top. There are a few loopholes, such as the minimum amount earned must be $450 over one month, and if you are invoicing via your own Pty Ltd company this does not apply.

Our Facebook page has quite a few crew commenting and asking ‘How do I get the Super I am due?’

Here’s our simple guide.

  1. Go through your gig invoices and any that add up over a month for more than $450 from any given customer are applicable. Make a list.
  2. Think long and hard: if you DO ask a customer now for super, they are fairly likely to be unimpressed – in spite of the fact they are LEGALLY LIABLE.
  3. Write to them nicely, with the invoice amounts, dates, and the 9.5% super amount for each. Send your Superannuation Account details, and ask them to copy you when they make the payment.

That’s all you have to do. I think there are three probable outcomes. They will either pay, or not pay, and also not use your services again. I’d limit this to customers you no longer wish to work with. The greater issue is that you should be sure to include a note in your quotes or terms of acceptance that you expect super to be paid to your super fund on top of all work you do valued at $450 over any 30 day period.

Note that the 9.5% is due on every dollar, not just the dollars in excess of $450.

There is a regulatory tool you can use, and that is this handy Tax Office (ATO) page where you can report your employer for unpaid superannuation, which, as we’ve previously stated, pretty much every tech is entitled to on every gig, even when working as a sole trader with an ABN.…/report-unpaid-super-contributions…/


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