6 Sep 2016

ICTECH Roadshow FEEDS exhibitors!

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 11.54.19 amIt started when our SECTECH partner Monique Keatinge from Bridge Publishing took pity on some starving exhibitors on our SECTECH Roadshow. A few rounds of sandwiches did the trick. Then the Christchurch Airforce Museum misread our Happy Hour instructions and served HOT CHIPS instead of crisps. That caused a small riot.

Viva la revolución! It has become the number one feedback suggestion from exhibitors on our Roadshows – they say they are too busy talking to all the punters, and they start to fade out without food.

Now we will FEED THE EXHIBITOR at all our Roadshows, starting with ICTECH ROADSHOW across Australia next month. Furthermore it will not be with ‘added costs and charges’. We’ll arrange the best and most practical lunch snack, and have it delivered to every stand.

Exhibition space is wide open for ICTECH, our boutique AV Roadshow which starts in Perth on Thursday 13th October, and then rolls through Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane and ends in Sydney on Wednesday 26th October.

Major distributors Axis AV, avt, Extron, Jands, Lightware, Midwich and Panasonic are joined by Professional training organisation Technication, presenting two seminars from their SynAudCon franchise out of the USA. ICTECH is education heavy, with 12 one hour sesssions currently scheduled and more to be added.

To attend ALL of ICTECH completely free, and qualify for free parking, register at

EXHIBIT: Call Jason Allen +61 407 735 920 or email


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