16 Jun 2012

Infocomm Delivers

(FRIDAY, LV) Today is the final day of Infocomm at Las Vegas Convention Centre, and CX can report it is a highly successful and sustainable trade show. Over 900 exhibitors and 34,000 (est) visitors give this show international pull, with approximately 100 Australians attending.


(Jman and Maiz on the dancefloor)

Infocomm slowly consumed AES and NSCA and is now every part a professional audio show as well as the one show for projection and screen technology. Some lighting and staging rounded out the offerings, and the three day event offers barely enough hall time to take it all in.


The educational streams are well honed, and demo rooms and side events make for a great time.

This is now the one show in the USA that covers all CX turf, and we intend reporting each year, even the ‘off’ year when it is staged in Orlando.


(Sneaky window shot of NAS guys cooking up a big deal)


We found some evidence that the ‘holy grail’ of laser powered projection is close, awaiting some last design hurdles and obsolete laser safety codes that need to be recast before you’ll see the engine and head arrangement that promises to revolutionise projection.

In the meantime, Barco showed a 40k monster that had a baking hot exhaust from the super bright lamp.

CX saw some brilliant things, and some highly dumb things.

A corner of one hall had a profusion of LED product and screens of dubious origin, with some spectacular execution errors that we will flash into the magazine. After all, if it bleeds it leads, right?

Sore heads are the order of the day in Vegas, where beer at breakfast is normal and smoking in the casino is a god given right. We didn’t make it to the gun store to shoot a machine gun, so we will have to continue the employ of our Bosnian security director, Boris. He had a humor bypass sometime last century, but is very handy and not afraid of wet work.

Julius attended the Strip Joint, but this was a meat eating exercise, the only flesh on offer was cooked medium and served with fries. The Maiz was observed quaffing several cocktails at the Pink Flamingo, rare for a man who claims to drink but cunningly nurses one glass all night and is usually fully in control of whatever spaceship he is flying.

We have the dirt on several Australians, and once legalled we hope to post more here.



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