8 May 2019

Is that a wireless intercom in your pocket?


Is that a wireless intercom in your pocket?

by Jand’s Jeff MacKenzie.


Need to quickly deploy secure wireless production intercom to a wide area? The latest offering from Clear-Com may be the answer. Clear-Com have added Agent-IC, a BYO wireless intercom solution designed to run on portable devices such as smart phones, tablets and even wearables such as the Apple Watch.





Agent-IC systems consists of at least one hardware device or “base” such as a Clear-Com LQ box or a Matrix frame fitted with IVC-32 HX card which then support up to 48 channels of portable devices.



Agent IC utilises standard IP connectivity to connect to devices running the Agent-IC app, either locally via Wi-Fi or wide area / globally via 3G/4G systems.

Agent-IC can run as a standalone system or interface to cabled analogue or digital intercom systems.

Ideal for applications such as wide area wireless connectivity for outside broadcast / ENG or for ad-hoc additions to live production systems.

Agent-IC opens a world of IP-based connectivity to broadcast and production communications systems, allowing us to finally break free of the restrictions inherent in traditional line-of-sight wireless solutions.

For further information on Agent-IC including application examples, go to:


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