26 Jul 2013

Jands Ready for Digital Frequency Calculator

Jands have added a handy new tool to their Ready for Digital website – the Shure online Frequency Calculator. Check it out at:

The Frequency Calculator has been designed to be simple to use, focusing on the most common questions regarding the Digital Dividend, namely: “Will I be able to continue using the products I already own in the future” and “If I buy new product what should I buy that will be usable after the digital restack”.

All you need to do is enter your location (a suburb name will generally suffice) and the Frequency Calculator will then automatically calculate and compare the signal strength of known TV transmitters within a set radius of the entered location. It takes into account several key factors including distance from the selected location and output power of the transmitter(s) in question.
The Frequency Calculator can then suggest the best wireless audio products and frequency band for your location or if you already own Shure product(s) and wish to see what its compatibility is going to be like both now and in the future (post restack) it can help there as well.

The Ready for Digital Frequency Calculator is based on regularly updated listings of actual operational TV transmitters (not just planned) and takes into account analogue and digital transmitters both now and post restack.


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