27 Sep 2022

Jay Productions Delights with NEXO’s ID24 Speakers for Dior

Employing the latest in audio, visual and lighting technology, Sydney-based Jay Productions & Events consistently crafts electrifying experiences for its corporate, outdoor and large-scale event offerings. Delivering dazzling production quality and no stranger to working with industry-leading audio brands, Jay Productions chose to utilise NEXO’s ID24 loudspeakers for the House of Dior’s garden pop-up event in March.

Luxuriating in its setting, the event celebrated Dior’s Miss Dior Eau de Parfum and enjoyed a breathtaking backdrop by the iconic Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge. Bursting with abundant blooms, the pop-up included a delightful melding of sights, scents, and soundscapes to form an immersive sensorial experience for its visitors.

Described by Dior as a “digital journey through a multi-coloured field alive with thousands of flowers,” guests were invited to explore the space and, in doing so, uncover several unique zones. Each area offered its own distinct aura, with the shift in mood afforded by various peaceful sounds played through NEXO’s ID24 speakers across each space.


With refinement and sophistication underlying the event’s design, it was imperative to select a speaker that would blend seamlessly into its surrounds – imparting ambience without eclipsing the showstopping visual aspects. Tasked with creating an atmosphere of calming luxury, Jason Ghazal, managing director of Jay Productions explains why NEXO’s ID24 speakers stood out as the right choice. “It was exactly what we needed for the space,” he says, “having white suited the launch and we were looking for a punchy speaker that would be discreet but still have power.”

The decision proved a perfect fit, with Jason reflecting on the “easy install” and performance, “This was the first time using the ID24 speaker. We assessed its performance during demos in Melbourne and were really impressed. When in use at Dior, we found the ID24 really fit the application and exceeded expectations.” Entirely pleased with the outcome, Jason proudly announced that he has “ordered more of the ID24 speakers for another luxury brand activation coming up!”

Unmatched in its flexible functionality for system designers and installers alike, the ID24 delivers a range of horn positions and settings that can be used without removing the grille or opening the cabinet. Easy HF configuration can be achieved via a ‘screw head’ system featured on the rear panel.


“For the mood of this walk-through activation, we ensured every area had a different style of music,” explains Jason, his team capitalising on the ID24’s directivity options to ensure superior coverage for visitors as they moved through each area. The ID24s enabled Jason and team to fine-tune the unique nature of each space, creating distinct moments of harmony across “different zones with backing tracks.”

Ever championing the collision of practical solutions with solid engineering, NEXO’s dedication to producing quality sonic solutions is unmistakable in the ID24. Boasting a compact cabinet that offers an extremely high power-to-weight ratio, the ID24’s precision performance and unobtrusive design makes it an ideal asset for high-end professional installations and touring.

Exuding prestige and infusing aural excellence, the Miss Dior event transported its guests to a flourishing escape amongst a field of flowers. Sensationally sensory at its core, the garden pop-up was a stunning exhibit of the Dior brand, Jay Productions’ meticulous expertise and another flawlessly fitting application of NEXO’s ID24 speakers.


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