27 Mar 2018

Kiwi Performing Arts worth $2.058B

ETNZ drew our attention to the Skills Active Workforce Scan earlier this year, showing the overall contribution to the NZ economy of the broader performing arts industry at almost 1% of GDP. The report is structured different to anything available in Australia, where Live Performance Australia most recently reported Creative and Performing Arts added A$3.818B in 2012. Clearly these reports are structured differently, CX could not break the Australian report (by accounting firm EY) into comparable components.

Skills Active says 70% of people working in the sector are full time, compared to 68% who reported as permanent in Australia this February, from registration data at ENTECH Australia. Interestingly the mix of male to female in NZ is 50/50, far greater than Australia where males are in the majority.

Somewhat encouraging is the wages and salary average, which Skills Acfive say runs at NZ$53,100 (in 2016), which is lower than average earnings in the total economy of NZ$57,780. Not surprisingly around 41% of all activity happened in Auckland.

To read the report, go to


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