6 Sep 2016

Lost Episodes: The Hump

In broadcast they have a saying that audio is 10% of the bandwidth and 90% of the trouble. Never has that been more true that at CX Network today where this week’s episode of The Hump has been ruined. We have a replacement ‘best of’ package instead.

But we had an expensive lesson. We have four DPA  SMK 4060 lapel mics running through a mixer and out to one of our Panasonic P2HD cameras. Week in and week out, for 92 consecutive shows this simple system has worked well. Until this week.

Somehow we fried the audio.

Our panel banter was fine when one of us was talking. But when we all piped up, it overloaded and somehow we overlooked it at the time we shot the show.

You’ll be thinking ‘these guys are idiots’, and I’ll take that one. Until recently we had the fussy and pedantic Jimmy Den Ouden on the show and he always made a multitrack backup. ‘We never needed it, so let’s do away with it!’ I famously declared.

Worse still we shot this week AND next week at once, so you won’t be seeing new content on our network until Wednesday 20 September.

When we reconvene the panel here at the studio, the new setup has a digital desk with USB record backup. So this won’t happen again!


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