21 Mar 2018

Louise is breathless on back hinged rack panels

By Julius.

“It’s geekily innovative”, enthused esteemed UK publicist Loo Stickland. The avalanche of great, adequate and most often puerile press releases that bombard the CX Network sometimes produces a nugget. And as we know, a nugget can be categorised into subsets: edible, digestible, or like what a rabbit makes on its rounds.

Today’s product that Lou was spruiking is no less than the Rear Hinged Frame (RHF) unit, a “hinged wall-mounting rack frame system which will enable all 88 of its existing wall mounted racking products … to become instantly more versatile and accessible”.

Love it.

Here’s the thing. With everyone a ‘content provider’ and firms everywhere hiring same, it may become a default at CX Network to gravitate towards material supplied from known, trusted, scribes. People who know the media, know the trade, and who can string together cogent verbiage!

So: “Committed to creating imaginative solutions for all types of installation scenarios, Penn’s design team has delivered a perfect accessory for equipment fitted into even the tightest or most awkward spaces. Penn Elcom’s R6400-RHF turns wall mounting cabinets into double section hinged units which are now easily reachable from the rear thanks to the hinged frame.”

At lunch yesterday with our friends at SEN Magazine (Australia) we discussed the new wave of smarty smart youngsters (we are un-young) writing dross. We chucked down a second lunch pint, mild for media, and guffawed that though diminished by the mindless spending on Facebook and Google adverts by some of our formerly supportive advertisers, we do in fact have An Audience.

Anyway, Lou continues: “All sort of wall mounted racks can now be hinged out for quick and straightforward maintenance, replacement of parts and cable management or swap-outs. Installers already love them.”

And we love Lou, along with material from actual, umm, WRITERS. Bring on this new era.

(I’m personally excited to read Lou’s take on Rack Strip and Cage Nuts….)

Here is the Penn product:


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