3 Jun 2024

LSC Provides Power Assurance for Musikhuset Esbjerg

Advanced power management technology from LSC Control Systems is now in use at Musikhuset Esbjerg, one of Denmark’s leading performing arts centres.

One of Denmark’s top performing arts centres, Musikhuset Esbjerg, has upgraded with advanced dimming and power management solutions from Australian lighting controls manufacturer LSC Control Systems. The new system has delivered faster workflows, increased flexibility, space saving, and greater peace of mind to this busy, multi-faceted venue.

Musikhuset Esbjerg serves a broad program of performing arts to the Danish city, including plays, musicals, opera, comedy, and conferences. (Interestingly, this is not its only link with Australia: architect Jørn Utzon, who oversaw the building’s design along with his son, Jan, back in the late ’90s, also designed the iconic Sydney Opera House!) Today, the building attracts over 150,000 visitors each year, including 80,000 for cultural events and 30,000 for conference and meetings, the remainder being tourists and visitors to non-paying events.

With its existing system of 130 dimmers beginning to fail after more than 20 years of use, the venue’s new GEN VI (pronounced ‘Gen 6’) dimmer/direct power racks were supplied and installed by LSC’s Danish distributor, Light Partner. The venue’s head of lighting, Niclas Eriksen, explains the choice.

Forecourt and main entrance – Musikhuset Esbjerg

“Our in-house opera company invested in 64 channels of LSC’s GEN VI dimmers a while back and we have used them various times since, both in our three venues here and on tour. The user profile and touchscreen are easy to use and that was one of the reasons we brought them back then, and again now.”

Of course, power consumption needs have changed over the years, with more LED moving lights and fewer incandescent fixtures. However, Eriksen and his team wanted the new system to consist of 96 dimmers, to accommodate some large opera productions with older fixtures. At the same time, flexibility was key. He says, “Our old system only had six non-dimmer phases. Since it’s very easy to change from dimmer to non-dimmer on the GEN VI, this was also a huge influence on our decision.”

The upgrade also allowed more efficient use of space. “Rather than use the dimmer room, we decided to put it on stage instead,” says Eriksen. “The decision was easy, as the new GEN VI dimmers are very low-noise, and – another advantage – it’s easier to get to for cleaning!”

And more benefits were to appear. “After installation, we quickly realised that having the dimmers on stage made it easier for us to monitor the output from the lighting consoles, to quickly send non-dimmer power to working lights at our front bridge, which is always patched. It also allows us to quickly provide dimmable backstage light without the risk of interfering with the show on stage.”

“It works amazingly!” says Eriksen. “It has given us a lot of advantages that we cannot do without now – reliability, new features, easier workflows – even some features we didn’t know we needed. In hindsight, it’s probably an upgrade we should have made years ago but now we are set for the future.”

Concluding, he adds, “I can highly recommend LSC equipment, which we have used for many years and, for that matter, Light Partner which has been a solid and reliable vendor for as long as I have been in the game.”


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