22 Apr 2020

Mix with The Wizard!

In an environment saturated with excessively brand-focussed online training and webinars in far-flung time zones, absolute legend Andrew Crawford (a.k.a. The Mix Wizard) is posting an ongoing series of audio mixing training videos to YouTube at

While Andrew is the Allen & Heath Product Specialist at TAG, the series is more mixing training than console-specific, so the knowledge can be applied to any desk. Andrew’s recent sessions at the ENTECH education theatre were always a sell-out, and he regularly pulls huge crowds to his training events.  

“I have had a bunch of people reaching out for training,” says Andrew, “especially churches in the first weeks of the shutdown, asking for tips on how to mix to mix for streaming. Theatres are now also asking for some material to help them keep their skills up, so I will be making some theatre-oriented videos over the next weeks. I have also been including free multi tracks for people to download and practice with. These videos are little unpolished, but they are definitely the real me!”

There are currently nine videos posted, covering topics including mixing for streaming, gates and compressors, creating space, de-essing, bussing, and virtual soundcheck! As good YouTubers always say, Like and Subscribe!


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