11 Feb 2013

More gig violence


11 Feb 2013

Not as severe as Jon Fox being bashed by a motley Rap crew, but worrisome.

Ross Portener had a nasty incident at the Nowra Show on Saturday morning.

“I was setting up the wireless mic in the Woodchop Commentary box. The handicapper and the president (a close friend) (ex NSW Axemen’s Association president and Nowra Show Stuart) of the club were disagreeing on a technical issue.”

“I went down stairs to test the mic, next thing slam, the handicapper hit the president in the face.”

“I called the police and ambulance to make sure the president had attention, protection and legalities were in place.”

“Was not keen at all to go up and finish setting up until the police arrived… In my personal opinion he should be banned from our show forever. (Adult punishment) and dismissed from his club. I will use information that arises from Jon’s attack to  help support our committee in dealing with our issue.”

CX deplores violence. In the day, we all could and would fight out way out of a pub after a gig. Now there is no place for this.



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