1 Jul 2024

Naostage AI Tracking Appoints Novatech as Distributor

Naostage, creator of the world’s first automatic, beaconless 3D tracking solution for live events and immersive experiences, has announced a strategic partnership with Novatech Creative Event Technology.

A family-owned event production company based in Adelaide, South Australia, Novatech Creative Event Technology focuses on providing innovative, creative turnkey solutions for events of all sizes, offering a one-stop shop for event organisers and promoters. It also specialises in sales of unique technical offerings to the Australian market. The partnership with Naostage sees Novatech become the exclusive distributor for Naostage in Australia, where it will focus on introducing artists, event producers, and production and performing arts companies in the Asia-Pacific region to the transformative benefits offered by Naostage’s K SYSTEM.

“The innovative approach of Naostage provides a clear difference to artists, production staff and clients alike,” says Christopher Bolton, Principal Designer and Innovator for Novatech Creative Event Technology. “We’ve closely followed the evolution of tracking in live events, having been an early adopter of d3, now disguise, back in 2014 with the first d3 servers in Australia and the fourth d3 studio in the world, delivering projection mapping and integrated lighting shows. We also held the debut of L-Acoustics’ L-ISA for a live performance in the southern hemisphere back in 2018, so are known for using emerging technologies to improve the audience experience. For this reason, we are excited in offering a tracking system to the Australian market that doesn’t rely on beacons or tags to bring creative ways of integrating talent into our audio, lighting and vision systems.”

Using AI to identify and follow performers in a defined tracking area, K SYSTEM enables the seamless automation of AV and lighting effects without the limitations imposed by traditional hardware transmitters. By eliminating the need to manually track artists, dancers and/or audience members, the technology streamlines the creation of immersive, interactive live experiences and empowers creative teams to turn their most ambitious ideas into reality.

Naostage KORE Server

The new partnership with Novatech comes amid a period of global expansion for Naostage, which recently announced distribution agreements with partners in the UK, Italy, Poland and the Czech Republic.

Ashley Gabriel, Director of Sales and Marketing for Novatech, says Naostage’s technology is ideally suited both to Novatech’s existing clients and customers across the wider Australasian live events industry. “We see K SYSTEM as a complementary offering to what we’re known for, but also furthering our reputation and offering to the Australian events industry in bringing new and creative technology to market,” he says. He also highlights Novatech’s experience working directly with companies like Naostage to introduce new and innovative technologies to the Australian market, which in turn benefits the manufacturer: “We work closely with manufacturers to further develop products, with real-world experience being fed back to them to improve the product, add new feature sets, and ensure products continue to grow and bring new benefits.”

Alexis Reymond, sales manager for Naostage, comments: “We are delighted to partner with Novatech to bring K SYSTEM to the Australian market. Their commitment to elevating the event experience aligns perfectly with our vision for Naostage and makes them the perfect partner to introduce the endless possibilities offered by real-time tracking and automation to creatives in the region.”

Naostage KAPTA Sensor

“We’re excited with this new relationship,” adds Gabriel, “and look forward to working with Naostage to further develop and deploy the system across Australia and beyond. Whether people are looking for rental of the product for a certain project or indeed a purchase of a system to integrate into their own workflow, we believe the K SYSTEM will be adopted by those who love to push the boundaries of what is possible.”

Naostage products are now exclusively available for sale and rental in Australia through Novatech.

Main Image: Novatech owners Leko and Menk Novakovic


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