16 May 2018

New frequency check website from JTS enables optimal performance

Sound technicians installing wireless microphones and in-ear monitors in hospitality, conference halls and live entertainment venues, can now use the JTS frequency check website to select correct JTS products for minimal signal interference, in a specific geographical area.

Wireless microphones and in-ear monitors share the radio frequency spectrum with TV transmitters, meaning interference can occur with some products, depending on channel selection and location.

The new JTS frequency check website allows users to search by location, specific address or map selection to find the ideal JTS products for the area, along with transmitter and channel information.

By following the simple guide via the webpage,, the user can learn whether the product’s frequency conflicts with TV transmitters in the area or shares the same channel but will work with no interference.

JTS wireless microphone systems feature advanced technology including phase-locked loop, allowing freedom from radio frequency interference. Outstanding signal reliability allows a maximised number of wireless systems to be work simultaneously with optimal performance.

The JTS website can be accessed easily via mobile, tablet or desktop:


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