10 Oct 2023


Enriches Kingston Butter Factory Cultural Precinct

Nestled between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, the Kingston Butter Factory in Queensland’s City of Logan, a once bustling facility producing lashings of dairy products back in the early 1900s, is now a thriving cultural precinct. The old factory’s iconic red brick building and sprawling grounds have been renovated and repurposed to form the city’s new creative hub, and recently its outdoor space was outfitted with a high-performance NEXO GEO M12 line array system, advancing the reimagined facility well beyond its humble bread-and-butter beginnings. The Kingston Butter Factory now offers sonic experiences that resonate with exceptional clarity and power.

Logan’s arts and entertainment hub is home to a wide variety of beloved community festivals, markets, concerts and installations. Central to hosting events and live performances is Kingston Butter Factory’s versatile outdoor space, boasting an expansive stage looking out over a fan-shaped audience area of over 5,200m².

The newly renovated setting called for a high-performance professional sound system with comprehensive acoustic coverage. The Cultural Precinct is now equipped with an exceptionally capable permanent line array installation, consisting of six GEO M12 cabinets and two GEO MSUB 18s flown on either side of the stage, with two additional MSUB 18s ground-stacked on either side, for a total of 12 full-range modules and an impressive eight MSUB modules. The system packs a serious punch, satisfying the needs of everything from modest ensemble events to pulsing rock concerts, meaning that the Kingston Butter Factory can now open its doors to basically anything.

As Nathan Roser, Kingston Butter Factory’s Technical Production Manager explains, selecting the perfect setup to fulfill the cultural precinct’s audio needs was a clear-cut choice. NEXO’s French-engineered loudspeaker systems have been a trusted favourite of Logan City Council, with their premium quality and functionality making a positive impression across multiple Logan Arts venues:

“Our audio requirements as a venue are wide and varied. What we have gained with the GEO M12 is a great performing speaker system from a brand that we love and trust. Kingston Butter Factory is the third venue Logan Arts has equipped with NEXO. The Logan Entertainment Centre was the first to receive a NEXO system, and we’ve been relying on the brand ever since. It continues to work well for us, consistently delivering for our operators, and our audiences always leave having enjoyed a great sonic experience.

We used NEXO’s software packages to map the venue, and the translation from software to reality has been excellent. The M12s and MSUB 18s offer great build quality and excellent performance.”

Integral to the venue’s system design was Phil Viney, Director of Design Stage, who outlined the company’s decision-making process: “When we specified the system, the M12 array didn’t yet exist in Australia. We’d never used it before, and really the choice was based on NEXO’s strong reputation and Logan Arts’ preference and love for the NEXO brand. Clearly the client is very pleased with the outcome.”

Crafted with integrity, and containing patented technologies that set the brand apart from similar offerings, the M12’s outstanding fidelity and versatile configuration have once again proven NEXO’s proficiency in delivering cabinets that are both powerful and nimble.

Harmonising the legacy of its local past with NEXO’s globally recognised next-generation technologies, Kingston Butter Factory is poised to culturally enrich the City of Logan for years to come. As Nathan explains, the venue is already actively engaged in events, with the GEO M12 line array helping fuel successful performances and a community atmosphere:

“The NEXO M12 system is a complete turnkey audio solution within the venue. It has been invaluable for client retention and a positive audience experience. We have been impressed with the performance, the technology – for both planning and execution – and the system’s connectivity, that allows us to use our Danté-enabled consoles to connect and control the system quickly. And, of course, there’s the exceptional sound quality, which is precisely what we’ve grown to love and expect from NEXO.”


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