5 Nov 2015

Novatech – Connect with Riedel Mediornet

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Novatech Creative Event Technology have become the first Australian production company to add Riedel’s Mediornet, the leading signal distribution system, to their hire inventory. Mediornet revolutionises the way video, audio, control and communications are distributed at an event, with its dual redundant fibre optic cabling system radically cutting down on complexity, set-up-time and costs, while providing more exibility and capability than any other system.

Novatech recently deployed medionet at the 2015 Netball World Cup in Sydney, where 1km of fibre optic cable ensured that all video, timecode, audio, control and network traffic was delivered wherever it was needed in Allphones Arena.

Novatech have purchased two Mediornet Compact Pro frames, fitted with extra SDI inputs and outputs for broadcast quality video distribution. The Compact Pro can handle virtually any kind of video input or output, with Automatic Format Detection, Frame Synchronizer, Framestore and Sample Rate Converters built-in.

Audio can be input and output from analogue or digital sources, including two MADI ports. Gigabit Ethernet, Serial Interface, and even GPI can all be sent or received via the frame. With multiple installations of Mediornet at venues around Australia, Novatech can simply connect via in-house infrastructure. Mediornet is also compatible with Riedel’s Artist communications system, creating a powerful combination of signal distribution with integrated event comms.

Mediornet’s flexible topology and scalability made it perfect for managing the production demands of the Netball World Cup. Held at Sydney’s Olympic Park, with events taking place not only in Allphones Arena, but also neighbouring Netball Central and around the precinct, the ten day event was a logistical challenge that could change from day-to-day.

First published in CX Magazine (November, 2015)


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