18 Nov 2014

Oceania Productions Gears Up!

Christmas has come early for Oceania Productions in New Zealand this year with the arrival of New Zealand’s first delivery of Robe’s flagship BMFL units.

Thirty two Bright MF Lights have arrived to New Zealand’s shores just a few weeks ago and Josef Valchar (CEO of Robe lighting) together with Cuono Biviano and Tony Lukeman from the ULA Group flew over to hand over the units to the excited Oceania Production’s crew.

Cuono Biviano, MD of ULA Group, comments: “We are ecstatic about Oceania’s first investment into Robe and the BMFL to be their flagship light. This is the largest single lighting purchase for Oceania Productions in New Zealand and I would like to thank them for their faith and commitment to both Robe and ULA Group”.


Simon Garrett, General Manager of Oceania Productions, says: “We do a vast range of lighting work across NZ and the pacific islands – theatres to arena’s, R&Roll to corporate indoor, sports fields to outdoor opening ceremonies. The current look is screens and beams and the relentless efficiency improvements in LED screen technology rendered our existing spot movers a bit breathless.

We needed a bright general purpose moving head spot. A work horse powerful enough to shoot across 20—50m and to meet the international specs as well as our own designs.

I heard Robes BMFL was coming, built around a new 1700W Osram lamp and numbers like 250,000lux and a CRI of 92 were mentioned. It seemed to have the feature set we needed including a really good dual animation set, gobos and good Prisms. Compact with a 5-55 degree zoom and weighing just 36 kg, sure I was interested.


I was more than impressed when we tested the sample a month ago and it was all true. This feature packed luminaire provides a real signature lighting-source for any large-scale project.

I guess we took a risk but I have been watching ROBE for some time and other users tell me they are well-built and the support is there. It’s not often you meet the CEO when taking delivery of a shipment of moving lights and have a chance to discuss our business at a global level.

But the reality is always proven on the road and everybody at Oceania was interested to see how their BMFLs perform on the first gig – The Lorde’s NZ tour.”

Simon adds: “I am pleased to confirm that they ran absolutely flawlessly” and even LD David McIntyre comments: “The BMFL is a great compact and universal fixture which has great optics that certainly pack a punch!”.

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