11 Feb 2013

PA DEMO at CX Roadshow – national tour

CX Roadshow truck

11 February 2013

Come along at 2pm or 4pm (repeat) for this demo session, run by Jimmy Den Ouden from CX.

The demonstration is designed to show a range of composite PA systems from various manufacturer.  A brief fact sheet will be supplied detailing brands, model numbers and other short-form information.


Each system will be introduced using a standard dynamic vocal mic.  This should give some representation of live vocal rendition across the various systems, or at least a starting point from which to form your opinion.

All systems will be run with pink noise to a level of 91dBA.  Level calibration and measurement will be done live at the start of the demonstration.  SPL will be measured with an NTI ML-1 analyser and Mini-SPL reference mic.

Playback will be via Macbook Pro output to a Roland UA-25 USB audio interface, linked to a Soundcraft Si Compact console.  A Marantz DV-4610 DVD player will be connected via AES to the console as a backup playback.  Each system will be driven from a mix send output.  Stereo sources will be summed and sent to the various systems in mono.  Systems have been setup as deemed appropriate by their representatives, and we expect to see relatively standard factory tuning parameters applied.


A selection of musical tracks has been chosen for playback on each system, each track with a different purpose in mind.  See the listening notes attached for details.  All tracks have been captured direct from CD in WAV format, and will be played out with no processing or compression applied other than level matching.  Tracks have been matched in level as closely as possible for consistent presentation, the exception being the final two tracks which will be played at a higher levels.

PERTH 14 Feb



Exhibitor Brand Model Configuration Max SPL Nominal Coverage Frequency Response
Meyer Sound Meyer Sound UPQ-1P 15″ LF + 4″ HF with 1.5″ exit 136dB @ 1m 100H x 60V 60Hz-16kHz +/- 4dB
Meyer Sound Galileo 408 Loudspeaker Management system 4 in 8 out, 24 bit 96kHz conversion N/A N/A N/A
Meyer Sound 500-HP Dual 12″ LF drivers with ceramic magnets 135dB @1m 360 degrees for single unit 26Hz -130Hz +/- 4dB
PAVT EAW JF-10 10″ LF + 1.75″ HF with 1″ exit 120dB Average Conical 100 degrees 63Hz – 22kHz Operating Range
EAW SB150zP Single 15″ LF 121dB Average (whole space) 360H x 360V 34Hz – 145Hz (whole space)
EAW UX8800 Digital Signal Processor 4 in 8 out, 48 bit 96kHz digital engine N/A N/A N/A
Powersoft M50Q Amp, 4x 750W @ 8 ohms N/A N/A N/A
JANDS JBL VP7215/95DPC 15″ LF + 4″ HF voicecoil with 1.5″ exit 135dB Peak 90H x 50V 60Hz – 18kHz +/- 6dB
JBL VPSB7118DP Single 18 Differnetial Drive LF 129db Peak 39Hz – 145Hz +/- 3dB
Galactic Music LAX FP12+ 12″ LF + 75mm voicecoil HF with 1.4″ exit 123dB cont 60H v 40V 50Hz – 18kHz +/- 3dB
LAX AT218B Dual 18″ LF drivers 133dB cont 40Hz – 150Hz +/- 3dB
KV2 KV2 EX12 12″ LF + 3″ NPVD Diaphragm HF 127dB cont 80H x 40V 55Hz – 22kHz +/- 3dB
KV2 EX1.8 Single 18″ LF drivers 131dB cont 30Hz-125Hz +/-3dB
Amber Technology Vue Audiotechnic H15W 15″ LF + 4″ HF voicecoil, beryllium diaphragm 121dB long term 100H v 50V 42Hz – 21kHz +/- 1.5dB
Vue Audiotechnic HS-28 Dual 18″ LF drivers 127dB long term 360H x 360V 35Hz – 80Hz +/- 1.5dB


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