12 Feb 2020

PAVT ends 28 year relationship with ClearOne

Australian and New Zealand distributor PAVT met with long-term technology partner ClearOne at Amsterdam’s ISE today. The outcome of the meeting is that PAVT have decided to end their distributorship. PAVT’s Managing Director Graeme Stevenson issued the following statement:

“Today, 12 February, 2020, Production Audio/Video Technology Pty. Ltd, (PAVT), offered our resignation as the Master Distributor of ClearOne Communications (CLR) for the territories of Australia and New Zealand. This came after a significant review of the position of ClearOne in our market, in conjunction with key stakeholders throughout the entire supply chain.

We are currently in negotiations with ClearOne management for a smooth release of stock and support.

PAVT is proud of our 28 year relationship with ClearOne, starting in 1992 when it was known as Gentner. We enjoyed market dominance, the ability to lead an industry in both technology and its application, and were privileged to work with world-leading institutions and facilities. Increasingly we feel our territory’s needs and ClearOne’s direction are diverging, and that our energy and resources would better service our market if deployed elsewhere.

To our customers that have supported the ClearOne brand in the past, we thank you. We will continue to support you with the same passion, technical knowledge, and integrity as always.

During our time with ClearOne we have formed many great friendships and look forward to that contact being continued. After all, our industry is one of passion and people. Fulfilment of growth goals both personal and financial come from positive, collaborative interactions. These are the important things in life.

The directors and staff would like to thank ClearOne and its current and former staff for supporting us in our endeavours and wish them all the best moving forward.”


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