1 Jul 2020

Road Test: Prolights Air5Fan Batten

Harry the hirer Productions Melbourne hold a stock of 30 Air5Fan BATTENs, and they have been surprisingly popular! They’ve done a lot of high-end corporate shows that don’t normally have eye-candy effects. They can provide a simple, conservative beam look, or you can make them produce a full-blown AstroRaggi-type disco effect.


The Air5Fan BATTENs are a good filler for a rig, sitting somewhere between a full-featured moving light and a static Par. If you’re looking to fatten up the look, rigging them across the back of the stage or on the side trusses works a treat, and they’re very cost effective.

The mirror on the back of the fixture is a unique feature – we bounce beams from other fixtures off of them which gives us a‘double beam effect’, which is great for our clients because they appear to get twice as many beams as they hire.


We also utilise this capability by running a line of Air5Fan BATTENs across the back of the stage, making them a reflective surface for other fixtures. They add depth and atmosphere, and they’re a lot of fun!


With movement the key to its effectiveness, the Air5Fan BATTEN is responsive and super quick. With infinite tilt and pan, you don’t have to keep coming back to a home position, which is smart design. We find ourselves doing a lot of tilt, and making the individual beams move, fan wider, and go narrower.

With all of this movement going on, we’ve found them very reliable, and haven’t had a fault over the 12 months we’ve been using them, which is impressive given the wear and tear this amount of movement can cause.


As usual, Show Technology are excellent in terms of their support of the product. We didn’t have to develop libraries for the Air5Fan BATTEN, or any other fixtures we’ve got from Show Technology. They already have it sorted and we just load them up!



Light Source: 5x40W RGBW Osram Ostar LEDs

Lux: 27211lux @3m

Source life expectancy: >50.000 h

Beam angle: 2°

Colour mixing: RGBW/FC

White presets: 2700-10000K

Colour wheel: virtual colour wheel with presets

Pixel patterns: pre-programmed dynamic and static patterns

FX generator: adjustable foreground/background colour, index, speed, direction

Special features: Head pivot control, mirror reflecting beams

Pan angle: 540/630° with 360° continuous rotation

Control Protocols: DMX512, RDM, Art-Net

DMX channels: 17 / 27 / 43

W-DMX: optional, wireless solution receiver

RDM: RDM ready for fixture remote monitor and settings

Dimensions (WxHxD): 558x474x242mm

Weight: 16kg

Product Info:
Distributor, Australia and New Zealand:

Simon Finlayson is the General Manager of Harry the hirer Productions, Melbourne, and is responsible for the provision of lighting, rigging, LED screens and high-end audio and visual production equipment to the largest of shows and events across Australia.

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