10 Sep 2020

Road Test – Earthworks DK7 Drum Mic Kit

I’ve been an Earthworks fan for several years, using the SR25s for many applications; as drum overheads, on acoustic guitars, violins, pianos, and horns. In fact, pretty much anywhere that I need an incredibly accurate, colour-free mic.

So, I was amping to get my hands on the DK7 kit with some expectation.

It will come as no surprise to anyone who has ever held an Earthworks microphone that the build quality is exceptional. I simply love their attention to detail, creating microphones that are not only beautiful but built to be a microphone that will last a lifetime… as all classic mics should.


Their build quality along with thoughtful mounting clamps makes them a mic that is equally at home on tour as in the studio. I’ve now used them repeatedly in both settings, from festival stages to tours, and as part of my must-have travel kit in studios around the world.

Sonically there are no surprises, and by that, I mean as an Earthworks user, I have come to expect wonderful uncoloured transparency with great rear rejection, and that’s exactly what you get. Push up the faders and there is the kit, just as it sounds, so have your head tuning A-Game on, as there is no hiding. You’re getting through your monitors exactly what’s being produced.

Before receiving the DK7 kit, my Earthworks kit comprised the SR25s and an Earthworks kick pad. The kick pad is an in-line piece of EQ wizardry that I have come to love, using it with a Shure B52. I’ve often been complimented on my kick sound, and my secret is (in part), that coupled with a 91 inside the kick for the beater, you can blend exactly what you want.

That said, the SR20LS is a stunning kick mic (great on bass amps too btw), especially if you’re wanting a very natural open sounding kick, which is great on jazz kits.

So, what’s the downside? There really isn’t one. It’s often a matter of taste, and sometimes I’m not after a bright natural overhead sound. Dependent on genre, I may want a darker sound, and in that instance I’ll swap out the SR25s for a pair of ribbons…. so the question really is… when will Earthworks make matched pairs of ribbons?


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