28 Mar 2023

RTI Control Celebrates 30 years in Automation

The three core objectives of a control system are:

  1. Integrate components and systems into a single, unified user interface (UI)
  2. Simplify user operation by providing only the UI functions necessary to operate the system
  3. Automate complex functions with single button presses, schedules, and background automation

Technology changes but the objectives of the control system remain constant and essential for all but the most basic of systems.

Privately owned and headquartered in Minnesota USA, RTI (Remote Technologies Incorporated) has just celebrated 30 years of control system manufacturing. Since entering the market in 1992 as an OEM manufacturer and launching their first RF remote control and processor a few years later, RTI has evolved into a powerful control platform spanning residential, commercial, hospitality and education.


RTI have long since been a ‘home control company’, and it’s this versatility that is RTI’s core strength, as well as making them a great fit for Amber Technology. Commercially, in Australia, we see RTI routinely deployed in hotels, clubs, bars, pubs, function rooms, restaurants, boardrooms, meeting and collaboration spaces, school gyms, auditoriums, and classrooms.

Commercial – Conference Room

There are seven reasons to choose RTI control for your commercial projects:

  1. Excellent availability across the product range. RTI do an amazing job managing their supply chain
  2. Drivers available for most of the leading audio DSP and lighting automation systems – essential in the commercial AV world
  3. Powerful software that puts the programmer in control. RTI’s award winning Integration Designer 11 (ID11) software offers fully flexible/customisable UI and logic. The graphics library is vast and provides stylish templates to work from. You can also add your own devices outside of the libraries offered by RTI and their developer partners
  4. Powerful as it is, Integration Designer 11 is easy to learn and master (no coding required)
  5. RTI offers their own supporting range of high quality, sensibly-priced AV signal switching, distribution, HDBaseT and Video-over-IP solutions
  6. Works equally well in residential and commercial applications giving integrators the freedom to diversify
  7. No hard sell distribution tactics
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