6 Dec 2017

Rumours! 6 December 2017

• We’ve missed Dr. Tom Misner since he sold out of School of Audio Education and flogged the luxury spread at Byron. But wait: he (or someone pretending to be he) just emailed!

“I just came across you article – once again wrong but keep going. For your information I am the owner of Studios 301 which I just redesigned and moved to a new location in Alexandria – the opening party will be on the 22nd February, you are welcome to join us there.

“As I live now in Monaco and have not been to Australia in a few years your stories always amuse me. By the way I took 300 million from the sale os SAE not 50!!!!!!!!

“Have fun, Tom”

• Also missing from our media for a while is a ‘significant Queensland audio identity’ whose shtick usually involves forgetting to pay contractors. It’s a solid business model, the gross profit is higher, the cash flow better!

He may have met his match though, after failing to attend court this week where his creditor was seeking a trifling $18,000 plus costs. The creditor has a legal background and is no stranger to court process.

CX begged for a copy of a judgment, if sent one we can put a name to the guy. Hold that space.

• Finally, also on the QT is a significant music industry colleague who upon rummaging through their archived emails discovered a very early investment of a couple of hundred bucks in Bitcoin. After recovering from his swoon and dousing his head in cold water, he went online and sold the stuff. For $2 million.


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