29 Nov 2017

Safety Guide Goes Live: AESRG brings industry together

The rational world will standardize on entertainment rigging – with the release of the International Code of Practice for Entertainment Rigging otherwise known as ICOPER. Now Australia has a unified guide to Entertainment Safety with the launch of the Australian Entertainment Safety Resource Guide – AESRG.

The Guide is a subscription website containing 21 Chapters at launch, including Rigging, Heights, Risk, Noise, First Aid, Fire, Crowds and much more. Each chapter is loaded with legislation, standards, lists and links.

It is designed to be the ‘Go To’ place for industry professionals. Each subscriber receives a Certificate of Currency, and all page views are logged in a Reading Log in the Accounts area. This goes towards validating your continual improvement requirements under the legislation.

A growing collection of Articles are online, most outside the subscription paywall. The most recent article is headed ‘Who can rig WHAT’. The Guide has been peer reviewed by its supporter group, and is continually updated.

Authored by Roderick van Gelder, a working professional in the entertainment safety field, the AESRG was funded by an impressive group of industry people. Primary funding came from Ian Wood’s Design Quintessence, Col West’s Framelock Barriers and Iain Reed’s 32 Hundred Lighting.

Corporate supporters are Technical Direction Company, NW Group, Pollard Productions and Novatech Creative Event Technology. Corporate contributors are The Australian Shakespeare Company, Crisis Transport and Logistics, and The Look. Contributors were Staging Rentals and Construction, and Madzin Productions. A further 26 individual contributors assisted in funding the AESRG.

CX Network is a Corporate Partner of the AESRG.

“The intention is that the guide attracts feedback and interaction”, said Roderick. “With the support of the industry, it will grow with many more chapters and other resources under development. The time is right, the support is there, and I’m delighted to deliver what the industry asks for”.


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