13 Aug 2015

School Musical: How to do it

Last night I enjoyed Putney Public School’s dance musical, where every kid had a role. The school only stage this every other year, and throw everything into it. Costumes, choreography, and planning were first rate.

Being a technical production person, I best appreciated the simple lighting and audio provided by nearby Epping Boys High School. The year 10 boy operators nailed the requirements. Best of all was the audio – one CD player, one wireless mic, and a stereo powered PA.

Previously Putney had been stung by complexity, so simple was the word for the day. Kids who needed to do dialogue from the stage needed to project it. The piano and school band were not amplified.

Everyone heard everything, nothing fed back, no cue was missed. The stage was well lit when required, colours were appropriate, and blue work lights remained on at all times so the kids could be positioned. The outcome gave the kids the best platform to perform and enjoy.

To often us technical types over complicate things. Welcome to the world of reality, and well done Putney!

(Photo not from Putney)


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