16 Jan 2018

Screaming Jets in 1992 with New EV System

HISTORY – Here’s a sample of some evocative writing from Connections Magazine – now CX Magazine – that readers have become used to, as Julius Grafton previewed in 1993 a new front loaded EV PA system used for the first time by The Screaming Jets.

“The long hot afternoons just before Christmas are murder when you’re setting up equipment, especially out on the western fringes of Sydney. The mountains to the West trap the air, with a smog and humidity buildup far greater than in town or on the coast. This is where they liked their music loud and hard, and this is where the Screaming Jets rule.

“I’m inside Temptations at Mount Druitt, where the floor might be carpeted, but then again it might also be astroturf. The colour is black, with thousands of little craters where cigarettes have burnt through the first layer. The odour is that classic perfume, the decor is tacky. Familiar territory!

“The sound department from the Screaming Jets is Pat Picket (foldback) and Colin Padler (FOH), who are road testing a new E.V. PA system, probably the only fully blown touring system introduced in this country during the past year. The system is owned by Vic Leto, who runs Music Box [The Music Box] in Sydney with his brother Greg. …”

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Pat Picket, foldback

Vic Leto and Colin Padler (right)





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