12 Jul 2013

Sennheiser conference and visitor guidance headphones

Sennheiser has released new headphones specially created for conference and visitor guidance systems. The lightweight HP 02 and NP 02 on-ear headphones ensure high listening and wearing comfort while delivering optimal speech intelligibility. Features include an adjustable headband on the robust HP 02, while NP 02 has a neckband that accommodates additional headgear. The easy to change ear pads of both headphones meet high hygiene standards. In addition, the HP 02 is equipped with rotatable ear cups for efficient storage.

The extremely lightweight EP 01 in-ear phones are available in single and dual-sided designs. The dual-sided stereo model delivers excellent speech intelligibility while the single-sided mono version additionally allows an understanding of external sounds. Both in-ear phones feature changeable foam ear pads for optimum hygiene.


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