2 Jul 2014

Sennheiser Wireless Systems Manager v4.1 now released

Sennheiser’s Wireless System Manager (WSM) software has been enjoying a transformation in recent times, and the latest new developments have just been released in Version 4.1.

Running in Mac or Windows environments, this latest update of WSM includes some new features that will be especially appreciated by operators at busy festivals. These two new features include the ability to lock selected frequencies so that they don’t change if you need to make additions or other changes to a frequency plan, and the display of frequency spacings between each frequency and its adjacent frequencies.

Frequency locking allows the operator to make changes to an existing frequency plan without changing selected frequencies. This means that last minute changes can be implemented quickly and with full confidence that all the hard work you have already invested in your frequency plan will not be lost.

The ability to see the frequency spacings gives the operator more information about their frequency plan, so they can better understand the reliability of each frequency. It displays adjacent frequencies selected for microphones, IEMs and also those calculated as intermodulation artefacts. Having this extra layer of information available can help the operator to make better decisions as they operate their wireless system, and feel more confident in their setup.

For further information please contact Sennheiser head office or your local Sennheiser Area Manager.

WSM V4.1 can be downloaded here:


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