10 Sep 2012

Slow News Day: Rode guy goes Jewellery, Cops invite CX, Aust Muso RIP

Monday 10 Sept 2012: SYDNEY

Maybe it’s the weather – balmy and calm. The news is thin today.

Peter (Rode) Freedman just launched his Jewellery design and manufacture company.


“Jewellery is very much like mics. Mics are very much the Jewellery of the audio game after all. This is definitely a hobby though, nothing more. A major attraction for me apart from getting my own ideas for cuff links, rings etc and having a master jeweller make them is it only takes about three weeks from idea to finished and ready to ship for Jewellery, instead of two years for any mic we make”

“I can also use a lot of the machines we have here at RØDE. We have laser welders, engravers, micro CNC etc. all suitable for Jewellery. We launch in LA in January and it looks like we have a few well known musos interested in custom lines.”

Hats off to Peter.


Meanwhile, today’s mail brings little cheer.

How about this? OCSOBER – VIP Mocktail Media Launch
Police Association President addresses alcohol misuse
We don’t think we will be attending.

Sad news: Australian Musician’s 18 year run ends.
This week Street Press Australia  ceased its licensing agreement with the Australian Music Association to produce Australian Musician magazine.
However, Street Press will continue to service the music gear industry via their extensive network of digital and print titles-Inpress, Drum Media and Time Off with an extensive new section called MUSO.
Greg Phillips will stay on with Street Press to oversee MUSO.
“An 18 year run of a national publication is hardly a failure. Unfortunately the market told us that a quarterly publication in a more immediate, digital world is no longer logical. I’m proud of the work I did on Australian Musician, thank everyone involved but look forward to still being able to service the gear industry through the Street Press titles, which are best set up to take your music gear message to a wider audience. Importantly MUSO will gives local musicians even more exposure. MUSO launches week of September 24.”

Good luck Greg.


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