22 Nov 2017

Sydney’s new 2,000 seat theatre – build underway

Who knew? We sure didn’t, but then again we don’t hang around Rooty Hill – 45 minutes west of the Sydney CBD where the local club (NSW’s largest) is remarkably investing 100 million to build the Western Sydney Performing Arts Centre.

With unprecedented scale, design and facilities, in close proximity to Sydney’s new airport and positioned along the M7 and M4 corridors, the Performing Arts Centre will become a much-loved domestic and international tourist destination. Set to provide 150 new jobs in the hospitality and entertainment sectors the 2,000 seat theatre that will have the capacity to host full scale theatre productions, musicals and concerts.

It has zero taxpayer funding which makes it utterly unique in Australia. And they have actually started work, so it isn’t a thought bubble.

Hopefully they can get this right, these venues can be highly problematic if they don’t have a Stephen Found or a Robert Love at the helm.



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