12 Jun 2013

Symetrix SymNet Radius AEC

Symetrix have announced the SymNet Radius AEC, a core acoustic echo-cancelling device for deployment in teleconferencing installations of any size. The 1U rack unit contains 8 mic/line wideband echo cancellers, 8 line outputs, and 4 auxiliary line inputs. Application specific input or output expansion of a single Radius AEC is facilitated with a configurable slot supporting any SymNet I/O card including the recently released 2-Line Analog Telephone Interface.

As a building block in larger systems, Radius AEC uses Dante for network audio connections to additional Radius or SymNet Edge DSPs, and even connection to the cost effective SymNet 12-channel I/O expanders.  As with all SymNet DSP products, using Composer open architecture software, Radius AEC supports an array of user controls including the ARC-Web browser, ARC wall panels, SymVue custom user screens, and third party touchscreens.


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