27 Apr 2015

The New d&b Audiotechnik D20 Amplifier

At Prolight + Sound 2015 in Frankfurt, d&b audiotechnik will introduce the newest four channel, two rack unit (2RU) amplifier: the D20. The new amplifier features proven, intuitive user interfaces and offers fast, responsive remote control and monitoring via Ethernet through the Open Control Architecture (OCA) protocol.

The D20 amplifier has four independent 1600 Watt channels, each with two 16-band equalizers which feature parametric, notch, shelving and asymmetric filters and up to 10 seconds of delay. The digital signal processing (DSP) power of the D20 means that external system processors are not required, reducing the equipment in the signal chain. The amplifier’s intuitive user interface has a colour touchscreen along with a rotary encoder. It is enabled with an integrated web interface for use with a browser and can be controlled using the d&b R1 Remote control software V2, which runs on Windows or Mac computers. R1 provides enhanced equalization functionalities, enabling users to freely define and manipulate EQ using a touchscreen or mouse and keyboard.
Four amplifier channels in a 2RU lightweight package minimizes the rack space required in installations as well as mobile applications and reduces transport costs.

The D20 gives all the power and processing needed for the smaller d&b loudspeaker Series, such as the E-Series and T-Series. The Y-Series and V-Series can be driven by the D20, but to realise the loudspeakers’ full SPL potential they need to be powered by the d&b flagship amplifier the D80. A D80 amplifier is required to power the J-Series and the M2 monitors.


Thanks to the Class D amplifier and a Switch Mode Power Supply with active Power Factor Correction (PFC) the D20 requires reduced input power and offers exceptional energy efficiency. The output capability of the D20 is largely independent from voltage variations caused by substandard electrical sources so the amplifier is able to maintain optimum system performance when running from heavily loaded mains supplies.

Marc Weber, d&b Product Manger, “It’s really exciting to introduce this addition to the new generation of four channel d&b amplifiers. The D20 gives users the DSP power and field proven user interfaces of our flagship amplifier the D80. It is an ideal solution for smaller loudspeakers or systems and applications that don’t require the highest sound pressure levels. As such it is a versatile tool suitable for a wide range of applications.”


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