29 Jul 2020

Three City ENTECH pivots for 2021

More space, COVID-safe, Business Focus

Next March ENTECH tours Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, bypassing Adelaide and Perth to provide a more cost-effective roadshow. Now further details have been announced.

Floor space has been increased to allow each exhibit to be distanced to meet any social distancing rules applicable. The educational theatres return with social distancing, as does the cafe. The PA and Lighting demos are now extended with each manufacturer taking control for 15 minutes to show the gear their way.

ENTECH will exceed any new venue standards by adding floor space and changing processes. The Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre released new standards in July, which are easy to meet for the roadshow as currently planned.

Given the enormous reductions in activity, the show is refocussed and branded ‘More Business, Less Showbiz’, with a new emphasis on installation and integration technologies. Visitor databases are sharper as the organisers align with their other roadshow for the Security Technology industry, SECTECH. The two shows have considerable data overlap.

A cancellation refund guarantee is in place for 100% of exhibitor payments to be refunded immediately if any shutdowns arise. The roadshows have been recapitalised and remain in the same Grafton family ownership.

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