8 Dec 2016

Ticketmaster Resale goes Rogue

The hot topic this Christmas across entertainment and events is the Ticketmaster Resale company -amid suggestions it has ‘gone rogue’ because somehow it gets incredibly early allocations of tickets and sells them at a stonking profit, way over the cover price. This is not an allegation made by Juliusmedia, simply a repeat of what we see and hear.

Now Juliusmedia can draw attention to further activity that the board of Live Nation may like to contemplate – if indeed they care. This one is destructive, as it has the potential to cost the producers of Kinky Boots, Michael Cassel Group who exclusively represents Cameron Mackintosh and his productions in Australia.

We went online to buy tickets to the Melbourne production. Here’s the Google search screen:


Ticketmaster Resale have bought the top listing on Google. The actual Ticketmaster site is number four down the page. Clicking on the top listing takes you to the Ticketmaster resale site, where tickets for our preferred date were priced at $228.85 – with 8 available in the stalls.

We got out of there and found the regular Ticketmaster site where we bought two at $80 each. You would have to imagine there are opposing teams at Ticketmaster, one dealing with their ‘exclusive’ venues, and the other running the buy and sell rogue outfit known as Ticketmaster Resale.

As an aside, we double booked our Dream Lover tickets which cost $120 each.Ticketmaster Resale sold them for us, we got $70 each.Ticketmaster took almost $20 commission – so they earned commission and fees from us when we first purchased; then made MUCH MORE when they ‘scalped’ our tickets.

No wonder the producers and bands are unhappy with Ticketmaster.






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