30 Oct 2018

TLC Global rebrands

TLC Global has been experiencing development and continued growth in all avenues of our business, and along with growth comes a need to define who we are and what we stand for.

As part of this process TLC Global is proud to announce that it is changing its name to TLC – The Lighting Collective.

The name change reflects the collective nature of our organisation from the experienced team of lighting designers, operators and technicians that we are, as well as the collection of manufacturers, brands, products and technologies that we distribute and proudly represent.

We are proud of the brands that we represent and the collection represents a diverse cross-section of cutting-edge technology and reliable engineering.

“The new name is a reflection of the company’s growth as it has evolved over time. I am very proud of our roots and where we have come from. I have been fortunate enough to be a part of a wonderful journey through many forms of the business and are pleased to see where we now stand.  I am lucky to have such an incredible team behind me and am grateful for the role we get to play in our industry together. We are passionate about the entertainment world and enjoy the opportunity to work with creative and like-minded people day in and day out,” remarked TLC’s Managing Director Davey Taylor.

The future is very bright for TLC!




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