7 Mar 2024

Unilumin’s ‘Metasight’ sees AI as an LED Product Driver

by Jason Allen

LED manufacturer Unilumin ran their International Partner Summit 2024 on March 1 at their headquarters in Shenzhen, China. With 300 delegates in attendance, Chairman Tiger Lin stated that “The prevalence of AI tools like Vision Pro, Sora, and others, herald the application of AI plus LED display and cost-effective popularisation. The LED industry will usher in a new cycle and more market opportunities.”

This observation ties in with Unilumin’s concept of ‘Metasight’, a term they coined to describe the convergence of software defined products, intelligent control, remote clusters, IoT interconnection, 5G transmission, ultra-high-definition video, XR production, naked-eye 3D, and other cutting-edge technologies. Unilumin have adopted ‘Metasight’ as a market and product category, and are creating the first integrated “hardware + software + content + interaction” Metasight solutions in the industry.

They’ve really run with the term, as the 2024 Summit, coinciding with their 20th anniversary as a company, was titled “”Metasight Intelligence Leads to the Future”

Chairman Lin is confident that; “Unilumin’s full line production capability of MIP/COB/SMD/TIP, full brand system covering display, lighting, design, and digital content, and our ‘full process solution’ integrating IoT and digital content, will make every effort to help our global partners win the market.”

Chairman Tiger Lin

At the summit, Unilumin also demonstrated the latest technology application achievements: new AM and MCOB products. These are characterised by ultra-cool (as in temperature) screens, ultra-thin design, and system integration, along with low power consumption while still maintaining a bright image. Unilumin also launched the potential ” all-in-one LED conferencing” concept, sharing the market opportunities for the idea. While introducing Unilumin UTV SC COB all-in-one and matching solutions. The Chairman concluded with; “Unilumin hopes that through the industry’s cutting-edge products and solutions, we help our partners achieve rapid development and realise our dreams together!”


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