29 Sep 2021

Update: Regional Production Company Exploiting Freelancers and Businesses

Last week’s veiled references to a ‘regional production company’ that has been exploiting freelancers through non-payment of invoices triggered an avalanche of follow-up correspondence from other affected technicians and businesses, all of whom readily identified the culprit. Sadly, many confirmed that this behaviour was an established pattern years before the pandemic.

“The non-payment of invoices has been going on for 12 years that I know of,” stated one source. “I know this because I was a victim of this company. This behaviour will never stop or change until this company is no longer in business.”

“They scammed me too, along with three other techs I know of,” confirmed another source. “They’re not paying, and not answering calls or emails.”

Even more concerning is the reports of dangerous work practices in regard to rigging and electrical safety. “I’ve seen them do things that belong back in 1985,” said another anonymous source. Another reported previous breaches of electrical safety standards that resulted in penalties.

Again, we caution anyone approached to work interstate to reach out to both formal and informal professional groups in our industry to do a background check on any prospective employer.


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