27 Nov 2015

Using WHS as an aggression tool

It was long enough ago but still flashes into my mind whenever I’m being actually pure and nice and someone is being directly mean and nasty in return.

We were doing an outdoor gig at Katherine in the N.T., and at the end the modest fireworks display absolutely delighted the indigenous kids. They were amazed, impressed, smiling, laughing and it just warmed my heart so much. Obviously they hadn’t ever seen fireworks before. I love it when kids experience good things for the first time in their lives.

The atmosphere of the gig had been brilliant, people of all ages and ethnic mixes together enjoying one of those magic balmy dry season midyear nights. Not a whiff of trouble.

Head portrait of three young Aboriginal children from a remote community

Once we got the oval lights on, and the crowd were almost dispersed, I hopped over the rope punter barrier into the pyro area, and with my face smiling, walked towards the pyro guy to tell him how much the kids had enjoyed the show.

He ran towards me, grabbed my arm up at the shoulder, and effectively marched me to the barrier. ‘This is a f—ing live zone, get the f— out of here you idiot’, shoving me over the rope.

I walked away.

Now here’s the thing. Of course technically he is correct, it is, or it was, a live zone. Despite all the ordinance having been long fired, and despite all his control cables unplugged. So he had the defense of ‘safety’ on his side.

The guy was just an arsehole. He knew it, I knew it. He was using his ‘role’ to push me around. Or not. Maybe I am an idiot.

Anyhow, I remember him, and I remember the company that hired him.

It won’t stop me sharing happiness.


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