26 Jun 2013

Vale Mark Fisher, LD

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Lighting Designer Mark Fisher passed away early this week. He was one of the top practitioners in the touring world.

TPI Magazine said this: “Mark Fisher — a name synonymous with the evolution of live scenic event design over the past three decades. A designer whose creativity is the benchmark by which all others are measured.”

Brain Damage, the Pink Flloyd news site amplified his achievements: “He specialized in the design of entertainment projects for the whole of his professional career, and his resume reads like a dream “who’s who” of projects. These ranged from major tours for pretty much every big artist (Pink Floyd, Roger Waters, U2, The Rolling Stones, Madonna, and Metallica) through to Cirque du Soleil, and worldwide events such as the design of the water stadium and scenic effects for the Opening Ceremony of the Asian Games in Guangzhou in November 2010. He was also Executive Producer for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Opening and Closing Ceremonies, having been behind the same Ceremonies for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

Mark’s Floyd related show design credits include ‘The Wall’ (for Pink Floyd in 1980, for Roger Waters solo in Berlin in 1990, and as a world tour in 2010-13) which included The Teacher which was modelled after him, and the Floyd’s tours in 1987-89 and 1994.”


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