26 Aug 2022

Visual Innovation Seminar Supported by ROE, Brompton, MVR, Pixera, ARRI, and BlackTrax

ROE Visual have just wrapped up two day Visual Innovation Seminar at NIPA (National IT Industry Promotion Agency) in South Korea. Hosted by ARK Ventures, LIVE-LAB, and YOUNG DO B&C, the seminar delivered the latest updates on virtual production techniques, featuring ROE Visual screens on the stage.

Gathering Brompton, MVR, Pixera, ARRI, BlackTrax, and ROE Visual, the seminar showcased advanced innovations in XR and ICVFX with processors, media servers, cameras, trackers, and LED displays. Also, VA Corporation, NP, disguise, and many other leaders in the ICVFX industry showed their presence at the session. Highlighting current market trends and best practices, the seminar offered an excellent opportunity for participants to share ideas and discuss the future direction of virtual production in South Korea.

Having built a solid and strategic partnership with ROE Visual, ARK Ventures supplied the Black Pearl and Black Marble series for the session. A ROE team member introduced ROE Visual’s culture and talked about the panels as the ideal display solution in the virtual production process. In front of the screen composed of the ROE Visual Black Pearl BP2V2 and Black Marble BM4 panels, the expert teams from industry-leading companies delivered their exclusive technology insights to the audience, presenting the merits and creative shooting options available.


Together with Brompton, the presenter from ARK Ventures showcased the Frame Remapping Technology, which makes it possible for multiple cameras to each see different content when viewing the same LED screen simultaneously. He also demonstrated the GhostFrame Technology in content production, along with MVR and AGS. As a powerful suite of features, GhostFrame creates simplified, faster workflows in the application of virtual production technology for film and broadcast productions, raising efficiency.

Especially exciting is that this is the first time for Frame Remapping and GhostFrame Technology to be shown in South Korea.“It’s our pleasure to host such an awesome seminar! Attendees could see various advanced techniques and wrestle with unfamiliar ideas at the session,” states Oh David, Managing Director of ARK Ventures Korea, “Supported by outstanding ROE Visual LED displays, we hope to demonstrate the latest updates in great projects, with the expectation to create more interesting content for South Korean audiences.”

“We feel pleased to participate in the Visual Innovation Seminar. This is a remarkable opportunity for us to make connections with so many partners and friends. We really appreciate it, and it’s been a great time together with all!” states Sam Sang, Sales Manager at ROE Visual.





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