13 May 2015

What’s new with ENTECH?

ENTECH will never again be a two or three day trade show in one city. Instead it will be a slightly expanded version of CX Roadshow, renamed ENTECH Roadshow from next February. Extra visitors and extra exhibitors will make the event even more successful for everyone.

Having ENTECH come home is extra sweet for CX. This October marks 25 years of publishing, and 21 years since the first ENTECH at Darling Harbour in 1994.

With the extra horsepower of the ENTECH brand, we have expanded our Roadshow SHOOTOUT into large halls and auditoriums, with the Roadshow moving to some new venues.

Also new for 2016, we have opened up the opportunities for manufacturers to run their own demos. Now any exhibitor can direct book a venue anywhere near the Roadshow hall, and have their demo gear carried on our trucks. This means larger demo’s can be built – without any real limits other than time. For example, there is nothing stopping a manufacturer pre rigging a demo, then adding on the touring equipment on the roadshow day. We’ve changed how we calculate freight allowances on the tour, to assist with this!

  • Mon 8 Feb: Melbourne Park (new)
  • Wed 10 Feb: Australian Technology Park, Sydney (new)
  • Mon 15 Feb: Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre (not RNA)
  • Wed 17 Feb: Adelaide Convention Centre
  • Mon 22 Feb: Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre (new)

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