18 Mar 2024

Yestech LED at ISE and ISLE 2024

Yestech has kicked off the year 2024 with their latest LED products and innovative solutions at two major exhibitions: ISE 2024 and ISLE 2024. These exhibitions not only served as platforms for product display but also as testaments to YES TECH’s commitment to innovation and development in the LED display industry.

Captivating Design at ISE 2024

At the ISE 2024 held from January 30th to February 2nd, in Barcelona, Spain, the outdoor rental MG9 Series and the creatively shaped MG11 Series came together to form a beautiful ‘LED Ribbon’ that captivated audiences to snap photos and stand on it to experience its remarkable load-bearing capacity. The MG9 Series is a new member to rental applications, and also an upgraded one beyond the multi-functions and multi-shapes of MG7S. With its enhanced structural design, the anti-fatigue performance has been enhanced nearly five times. It can handle more weight and the load-bearing capacity is much stronger when applied to floor tiles. Plus, it’s got protective corners for extra durability. Complementing this, the MG11 Series from the MG Creative-Extended Series offered dynamic visual solutions for stage designers and event organisers, particularly with its ability to create stair screens or octagonal displays.

Alongside this showcase, the Yestech creative stage stole the spotlight with the introduction of the new rental MU Series, designed for fast installation of large screens. The MT Series, a transparent screen with lightweight properties, also made its mark, as did the indoor rental MG6S Series and MG6S Cube Series, further enhancing the overall allure of YES TECH’s booth.

ISLE 2024 Sparked Excitement

The excitement continued at ISLE 2024 in Shenzhen, China, as Yestech unveiled a host of LED display innovations. The rental and staging area buzzed as the MG Series and the outdoor rental MG9 formed a sstage accompanied by imagery reminiscent of Vincent van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’. MG9 Series emerged as a star product, winning the “Best Product of the Year” accolade from ISLE. With its enhanced design and increased weight-bearing capacity, the MG9 series catered to various rental staging needs, earning recognition for its durability and performance.

The demo area was a big hit with new products, the MT Series and the MU series. The transparent mesh of MT is lightweight and slim with 7.5 kg and 85 mm in depth, which also hangs up high on the booth with a 90°corner, creating a great visual effect before people step inside the booth. Equipped with a high-precision arc lock, and easily realised with ±10°inner and outer arcs, MT and MU can create more shapes for wider applications. The MU Series, designed with large-scale LED applications, is cost-effective with platform design. Equipped with an auto-eject system that allows for the rapid disassembly of the power box in five seconds, saving time during maintenance and repairs. The hanging locks equipped inside facilitate an easy connection between cabinets, coupling with a big handle for better installation.

Attendees also saw Mview P3.3 Series, ideal for large outdoor advertisements, boasting exceptional brightness for optimal visibility even under strong light.

The Yestech team will also be at the SLS EXPO 2024 Join us at Booth No. 4C41 from May 7th-9th 2024, in Riyadh, Suadi Arabia. See you there!


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