19 Jan 2022

Advanced camera tracking for Sennheiser TeamConnect Ceiling 2

Watch the demo video at:

Audio specialist Sennheiser and 1 Beyond, industry leader in camera tracking solutions, have announced the release of a new camera tracking solution that offers voice-activated camera tracking for rooms of any size: classrooms, boardrooms, multi-purpose meeting spaces, and more.

Customers are enjoying the integration of the 1 Beyond Automate VX and Sennheiser’s TeamConnect Ceiling 2 (TCC2). Integrators have deployed the pair at financial institutions, universities, and hospitals.


This solution leverages the audio quality and accurate beam position information provided by the TeamConnect Ceiling 2 microphone array combined with 1 Beyond’s advanced camera positioning algorithm to offer close-up shots of people speaking in a room, whether they are seated or standing anywhere in a room.                  

Multiple ceiling microphones can be combined to cover larger spaces and up to 12 cameras can be placed anywhere to get the best camera angles regardless of where the speaker is located.

An intelligent switching algorithm means with multiple cameras, the remote participants see broadcast style cuts and no camera movement. No camera presets need to be set manually; the units auto-configure based on the room design, but the installer can select how tight or broad the camera angles should be

Using the microphone’s reported height as well as horizontal position of the talker, 1 Beyond’s tracking can distinguish between seated and standing participants. The beam can point to up to 700 unique positions, giving more precise audio location information.

“1 Beyond offers advanced camera tracking that pairs perfectly with the TCC2 microphone array,” explains Charlie Jones, Global Alliance and Partnership Manager for Sennheiser. “Unlike other products in the market, the TCC2 does not limit the number of zones you can use for camera tracking. This allows the real-time positional information from the microphone to automatically switch the cameras to the optimal view, regardless of where the speaker is located in the room, ensuring a lifelike meeting and classroom experience for remote participants. 1 Beyond has even automated the system setup resulting in a system that is extremely powerful while still easy to deploy.”

“1 Beyond’s Automate VX solution has been on the market for over four years and is a mature product with many advanced features,” says Terry Cullen, CEO/Founder, 1 Beyond. “We’re excited about this partnership. The combination of Sennheiser and 1 Beyond technologies really advances the state of the art for voice-tracking camera solutions”.

“In 2022, we will see the hybrid model of work and education continue to transform,” says David Missall, Insights Manager, Business Communication at Sennheiser. “In the last two years, the AV and IT industries came together to enable remote collaboration unlike ever before, and we will continue seeing this space innovate with new ecosystem-driven solutions. We will see industry players across the hardware and cloud-based software spaces come together through integrations that make audio and video conferencing more seamless than ever. This increase in interoperability and efficiency comes as AV and IT professionals must toggle between in-person, hybrid and remote environments on a dime.”

David Missall

“We will also see new and existing solutions issue updates that minimize the manual setup and configurations of hybrid environments via automation. Whether that is pre-programmed room analysis, biometrically activated presets, or automated exclusion zones in a room, meeting technology is continuing to get smarter. A great example of both of these trends is Sennheiser’s integration with 1 Beyond. This integration allows hybrid meeting spaces and classrooms to stream unified video that follows the speakers voice, wherever that may be coming from.”

See the solution in this short video demo:


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