21 Oct 2014

Biamp Seeks Area Manager – UPDATED

UPDATED: A job advert currently listed on the Biamp USA website calls for an area manager for Australia and New Zealand.

“Biamp Systems, a leading manufacturer of professional electronics for use in the installed audio market, based in Portland, Oregon, USA, is currently recruiting for a new Area Sales Manager for Australia and New Zealand”, it says here.

But one of the performance criteria caught our eye. “Maintaining, refining and, when necessary, changing the currently set-up Biamp distribution network within the region.”


Nothing too wild about that, however the SAME job is open in Weat India, where instead the criteria reads: “Managing all elements of the business relationship between Biamp and its partners in the region and offering a quality interaction point for these partners for Biamp.” No requirement to possibly make new arrangements.

This resonated in the CX Newsroom because Biamp is a key agency for Audio Products Group, which has just been acquired by Hills. Where the founder and CEO of A.P.G. has just departed.



I’m Matthew Packer, Regional Director of Asia Pacific at Biamp and I’m the one recruiting for the ANZ Area Manager position. I would like to clarify, that the language in the job post is based closely around our standard language for sales management position job postings, in regions where distributors are involved in the supply of our products.  The reason the distributor is not mentioned in the India West post is because we don’t have the role of distributors in India. Biamp is effectively the distributor there, and since the Area Manager for West India is employed by Biamp, they would not have the scope to adjust the distribution network.

Back to the Australian post, the language used is more or less identical to that we used in 2012 when we first advertised this position.


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