28 May 2020


Free Visualising Software

Capture Visualisation, out of Sweden, has a free version of their lighting visualisation software called Capture Student Edition, which is perfect for anyone interested in learning visualisation.

It’s available at:

It has a limited number of fixtures and trusses, but there is enough there to fill a single universe of DMX and learn some skills that you might normally not have time for. It’s best to learn in combination with Capture’s reference manual and video tutorials found at:


You can use Student Edition for conceptual design and can save your projects. The only thing missing is the full-blown library, which is sadly also currently missing from reality too, until events come back to life around the globe. Hopefully soon.

Capture have also opened up their School licence to allow students from a school with a Capture licence to have their personal computer unlocked.

Educational licences of any Capture Edition had always been available to institutions according to their licensing policies, but until recently, the computers unlocked could only be owned by the institution. Therefore, they were usually found in their laboratories, while students at home would use the free Capture Student Edition.

What has changed now is that the institutions can extend the use of their licence to students at home until 1 September 2020 by requesting an unlock for the student’s computer.

Only the registered owner of the key file will be able to request manual unlocks and therefore students should not email Capture directly for unlocking their installations.

Detailed instructions have already been emailed to the registered owners of educational licences, so if you are a student, Capture advises you to ask your institution for further instructions on how to obtain it.

It goes without saying that the new policies are also available for new educational licence purchases.

Installations on student computers will have by default an expiration date of 1 September 2020, by when of course it is Capture’s sincere hope that the world will be back to normal!

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