Please Support Our Recommendations to the Victorian Tourism and Events Inquiry

15 Apr 2021

Save Victorian Events have presented recommendations for how to get our industry through this crisis, and also how to fundamentally change the way that the government views our Event Industry so that we are never in this situation again

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Tiny Good, Howard Freeman, and Simon Thewlis testify in Victorian Parliament

14 Apr 2021

Victoria’s Event Industry is in crisis – especially now JobKeeper has ended

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Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade 2021

7 Apr 2021

For the first time ever, COVID forced the Mardi Gras Parade off of Oxford Street and into the SCG. Richard Neville of Mandylights details how they lit this historic event

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The State Memorial for Michael Solomon Gudinski AM

31 Mar 2021

This was nothing less than a world-class arena show, delivered to an exacting technical standard; all the more impressive when you consider it was put together in a matter of days, not weeks

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Rob Nichols

25 Feb 2021

From The Archive: A profile of industry legend Rob Nichols from Connections Magazine No.16, August 1994

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Victoria Announces Parliamentary Inquiry into Events and Tourism Sector

18 Feb 2021

This is a direct result of nearly two thousand people and businesses from right across Victoria’s Event Industry working together to highlight the desperate situation in our industry.

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Phil Spector and The ‘Wall-To-Wall’ of Sound***

18 Feb 2021

Some insights into how THAT sound was created by Phil Spector at Gold Star studios, cnr Santa Monica Boulevard and Vine.

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Did the earth move for you?

2 Feb 2021

Duncan Fry recalls being in Santa Monica, California during the 1994 earthquake that topped out at 6.7 on the Richter scale.

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Gary Pritchard

28 Jan 2021

A profile of one Australia’s pioneer lighting technicians, Gary Pritchard – Mr LSC.

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Roger Foley of Ellis D. Fogg

7 Jan 2021

A profile of Australian lighting designer Roger Foley of / AKA Ellis D. Fogg from CX Magazine, September 2012.

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This Could Be Serious

18 Dec 2020

Dope, diesel, and degradation – just a few of themes covered in this sample chapter from Julius Grafton’s new book ‘This Could Be Serious.’

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World’s First Fully Decentralised Remote Show Event

16 Dec 2020

Director in Vienna, LD in Munich, lighting operator in Frankfurt, FOH and broadcast sound mixed in Cologne, sound recording in New York. All in real time.

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