Crisis Update – PM bans all indoor gatherings over 100. Here’s what you can do to help

18 Mar 2020

Most our industry is officially closed for business, but we will get through this together.

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What You Can Do – Who Can Help

16 Mar 2020

What you can do, who you should call, and how we can all navigate through this unprecedented crisis.

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30 Jan 2020

By Julius Grafton. My media life is over – but new doors open. Media in 2020 is not easy, but it is needed more than ever as disinformation can be so easily propagated.

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CX Magazine is Under New Management!

30 Jan 2020

One of the longest continuous publishing era of any entertainment technology media company anywhere ended January 1st 2020 with the sale of Juliusmedia, CX Magazine, and CX NZ to Jason Allen’s VCS Creative Publishing Pty Ltd.

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The Producer – Tim Whitten

18 Jan 2020

In February 1998 Connections Magazine began a series of profiles on producers, starting with Tim Whitten who has produced Powderfinger, The Go-Betweens, Hoodoo Gurus, and Augie March among others.

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Live recordings the hard way

15 Jan 2020

Duncan Fry looks back at how unauthorised recordings of live music events was done – for later listening pleasure not for sale!

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Opera House Lighting: Catherine O’Shea

4 Jan 2020

Article from The Archive: Connections Magazine, September 1998. Women in Lighting Opera House Lighting: Catherine O’Shea When Catherine O’Shea was 20, she decided she was bored, and dropped out of her third year of a mathematics degree. Eight years later, she is a Lighting Super­visor at the Opera House.Of all the supervi­sors in all the departments,…

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Hush on Tour: Exploit the Crew

10 Dec 2019

A recently unearthed ABC documentary from 1977 about life as a roadie for Australian glam rock band Hush brings back memories – Phil Eastick was one of the crew.

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PFC Music Services – Not Power Factor Correction!

30 Nov 2019

DUNK’S WORLD PFC Music Services. No, not Power Factor Correction! by Duncan Fry. I’m sure that sometimes we all like to remember how we got into this business. My first venture into the audio business was a rehearsal studio. Back in the days of Dunk’s Disks, the Smoothest Sounds in the South, the shop had…

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Vintage Hair

11 Nov 2019

THEATRE Vintage Hair by Cat Strom. The first Australian production of Hair was staged 50 years ago at the Metro Theatre, in Sydney’s Kings Cross on 4 June 1969. Produced by Harry M Miller, it was well-reviewed despite a minor hitch at the premiere when the auditorium had to be evacuated because of a bomb…

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Holograms – A User’s Guide to Blowing Minds

1 Nov 2019

TECHNOLOGY Holograms – A User’s Guide to Blowing Minds From CX Magazine – August 2017 Whether you call it a ‘hologram’ or the ‘Pepper’s Ghost’ illusion, projecting video that looks three-dimensional on-stage is now part of the production repertoire. While the technique was first described in the 16th century and popularised in the 19th, we now…

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Radio Microphones or “How Did I Get Stuck With This Job!”

28 May 2019

HISTORY The following item appeared in Connections Magazine, March 1999, p.42,  followed by a wireless systems Buyers Guide and Radio Spectrum Guide for Australia. View the Feature in full here (PDF)     Radio Microphones (Sub-titled “How Did I Get Stuck With This Job!”) by John Matheson.   I learned a lot of tricks in those early years, and every…

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