Sid’s Mic Case

20 Aug 2020

Connections Magazine would occasionally ask audio professionals to talk about a microphone they use, either live or in the studio.

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Altronics and Redback – W.A. Made since ‘76

11 Aug 2020

We love homegrown! CX Magazine talks with the General Manager of Altronics Brian Sorensen about being a proudly Australian company, the advantages of local manufacture, and how they’ve kept customers happy for 44 years and counting.

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My Early Days Of Audio – Part 1

31 Jul 2020

Rudimentals – Duncan Fry reflects upon the beginnings of his Journey In Sound.

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Creative Productions’ Dave Jackson got 10 mins alone with the PM – what did he say?

22 Jul 2020

Seizing the opportunity presented by a press conference held in his own warehouse, Creative Productions’ owner Dave Jackson got himself the ear of our Prime Minister.  

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RØDE Claims Wireless – Burning Ambition Ignites

25 Jun 2020

CX Magazine’s profile on innovative Australian audio company RØDE and its CEO Peter Freedman from May 2015.

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Vale Harley Richardson

24 Jun 2020

Passing away unexpectedly, Harley Richardson was farewelled at a private funeral on June 15

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The History of Crystal Microphones and Artifacts from the Shure Archives

11 Jun 2020

In 1935 Shure offered the company’s first crystal microphones – the Model 70 and variants.

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A Potted History of Remote Control

2 Jun 2020

John O’Brien reflects on the evolution of remote control, starting with the very first forms of the technology.

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Duncan Fry – Par 43 Launch

22 Apr 2020

Duncan Fry puts a tentative toe into to the murky waters of lighting… A CX History extract from July-Sept 2007.

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Crisis Update – PM bans all indoor gatherings over 100. Here’s what you can do to help

18 Mar 2020

Most our industry is officially closed for business, but we will get through this together.

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What You Can Do – Who Can Help

16 Mar 2020

What you can do, who you should call, and how we can all navigate through this unprecedented crisis.

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30 Jan 2020

By Julius Grafton. My media life is over – but new doors open. Media in 2020 is not easy, but it is needed more than ever as disinformation can be so easily propagated.

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