The Gaffa Tapes: Fifty Ways To Lose Your Agent

11 Feb 2022

My first band gig was with a 17-year-old bass player who refused to wear shoes, and a stand-in drummer who’d drank half a bottle of Jack Daniel’s and took a loaded weapon into the venue.

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Listen Here: Omicron Versus The Omnichord

10 Feb 2022

With the name of the recent Covid variant being so close in name to one of the instruments I’m playing at gigs, I may be banned from the stage regardless! “I’m playing Omnichord, you idiots; I don’t have Omicron!”

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The Gaffa Tapes: Puttin’ on the Glitz

8 Dec 2021

To some, it might have been as much fun as a funnel web spider, but for me it was a fitting finale to go out amidst the glitz, glamour and complexity of cabaret in the Starlight Room at Wenty Leagues

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The Gaffa Tapes: Castaway with karaoke

17 Nov 2021

I hadn’t even heard of karaoke when I made the tragic mistake of abandoning my hard fought one-man-band agency gigs to do a residency in the Whitsunday Islands on the now commercially abandoned Brampton Island

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Listen Here: Can’t Live With It, Can’t Live Without It

9 Nov 2021

Andy Stewart deatils his journey to upgrade his studio computer from Mac to The Dark Side: PC. “While the switch might seem brave, or even foolhardy beforehand, in truth it’s an economically rational, technically superior choice that you won’t regret.”

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The Gaffa Tapes: Support act to the meat raffle

22 Oct 2021

Every musician and technician has at least one support act disaster story, but you know you’ve hit rock bottom when you’ve become the support act to the meat raffle

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The Gaffa Tapes: A Dag on the Green

28 Sep 2021

Call me a late bloomer, but I was still winding film onto camera sprockets in the early 2000s, and I didn’t shoot my first digital concert for CX until 2011—one year before Kodak filed for bankruptcy in 2012.

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When government reports make the reading list

18 Aug 2021

My greatest hope is that we can find some common ground and organise for our own good. I know efforts have been made in the past but what better time to try than now?

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What’s In A Name?

11 Aug 2021

I’ve often wondered if it is the industry that attracts such outsized characters, or that it just makes them weirder. Maybe it is part of the road life that scars our souls, and leaves names inked like a nominal tattoo, as titular legacies for later folklore

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Communicating with our inverter

28 Jul 2021

I’ve just come from 8 years professionally supporting and trouble-shooting much bigger kinds of mess for many other electronics manufacturers, agents, and installers. I’d talked to hundreds of devices via USB, Bluetooth, Ethernet, RS-232, RS-485, RS-422, 0-9V, low voltage relays and IOs. Surely this would qualify me as a power user….

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Tech Talk: Uninterruptible Power Supplies on Gigs

10 Jun 2021

To me, it seems they cause more problems on the days you don’t need them (which is 99.9999% of the time) than on that day you actually need them

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Dunk’s World: I want my, I want my Mac G3

26 Apr 2021

I’ve always liked the look of the old Mac G3 series computers, so my personal machine is the outer shell of a Bondi Blue one, with the internals of a fairly up-to-date Intel i9 PC inside

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